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Blastpro Construction’s Past & Current Projects

See Examples of Our Work in the Houston Area

Blastpro Construction Ltd. has completed various projects for forest companies in the Houston area. These projects have involved quarry development for surfacing rock and/or rip-rap for use on forest service roads, as well as the controlled blasting of rock for general road construction.

Our Past Projects

  • Blastpro has completed various projects for the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation, including:
    1. Controlled blasting of rock along the access road to Hudson Bay Mountain (Smithers, BC)
    2. Rip-rap production in various quarries in Northern BC
  • In November 2012, Blastpro successfully completed the removal of a 3000m x 75m-long multiple culvert for BC Timber Sales. This project involved the excavation of 24,000m3+ of fill, logging and preparation of waste sites, as well as the removal and disposal of structure.
  • In the summer of 2012, Blastpro completed road improvements to the Nilkitwa FSR, approximately 60km north of Smithers. This project involved:
    1. Drilling & blasting of an existing mainline
    2. Cutting & filling of material
    3. Road surfacing
    4. Grading & compacting
    5. Aggregate processing
    6. Drainage structure installation

Our Current Projects

Blastpro is currently involved in a unique project at Huckleberry Mine (located south of Houston) drilling horizontal holes for dewatering of the mine pit walls.